Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering Together - 9/11

Twelve years.

The profile pics tell us to "Remember" and to "Never Forget".

What are we supposed to remember about September 11, 2001? We very often remember the loss, the fear, the terror and horror. It is important to remember the people who died and send thoughts of sympathy to their surviving loved ones, but sometimes I get stuck there in the sadness.

This morning I remembered something else from those immediate post-9/11 days. The students and staff of the elementary school where I taught organized a fundraiser for the American Red Cross. A para-educator with artistic talent designed a t-shirt to honor the victims. A student made an American flag pin out of safety pins and colored beads. We had many shirts printed and more students made many more pins. We bought them and sold them among the community and donated the money. It was all about love. Love for this country and love for each other.

We couldn't clear rubble or heal injuries or turn back time and write a different story for that day, but we could help the helpers. We could help each other know that we were there together.

The profile pics are a lot like those shirts and pins, helping us know that we are here together. Maybe they can be a reminder that we can still help the helpers, too.

The American Red Cross helps on the front lines of disasters big and small, from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina to a local flood or a house fire.

Our service men and women went in harms way in the name of helping our country hold terrorists accountable and to prevent future terror in our land. That brave and dangerous work had a cost, one that is often invisible to me. That cost includes the challenges of military veterans making a new civilian life for themselves. TJ at Rocket Powered Butterfly has written about it, introducing us to Team Red White and Blue. 

Today, many of us are sharing our memories of that awful day. As we remember together, let's also remember we can always help someone, especially those who dedicate themselves to helping others. Will you join me in making a helping donation to them?

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