Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From this Little Corner: Salsa to the Rescue!

The kids went back to school yesterday, after what feels like the shortest summer ever. (I guess that means we really wrung out a lot of life from those few months.) To keep myself from checking the clock every hour wondering if the kids were coming home yet, I started a project that would take hours to complete.

The corn salsa recipe from Put 'Em Up! is my absolute favorite. It's sweet and vinegary, with a little kick of heat and a lot of fresh veggie yumminess. I put up eight pints for the pantry, plus one for right now. I should call it Gorman Corn Salsa, since all of the corn, tomatoes, garlic, and peppers came from Gorman Farm.

The peaches have their own date with destiny, and that destiny is jam. But first, I need to process the box of tomato "seconds". I used a few in the salsa, but there are many more in the box. My plan is to keep it simple by roasting the tomatoes to peel the skins (which deepens their flavor, unlike blanching) then cook them up into a basic tomato sauce. Like AnnieRie, I find such satisfaction in making the summer bounty last into the winter.

The kids had a great first day. I missed them a whole bunch, but my trusty canning pot came to the rescue. #hocofood

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