Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From this Little Corner: Marching Ravens

For some, this is the most glorious time of the year. It's the return of Ravens football, and it comes with an energy all its own.

From this corner, the girls and I see the Baltimore Ravens Marching Band. The band plays a song I haven't heard from them before. I think I know the tune, and some lyrics come to mind. "I tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin, 'till the sandman he comes..." I notice that the marching band arrangement of Metallica's Enter Sandman just doesn't have the emotional heft of the original. I remember how much I enjoy their rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Prima notices all of the trombone players and delights that they "can play standing up, and they're even walking a little bit!" Then the big thrill comes when she looks up at the Jumbotron. "Ooh! Trombone zoom-in!" Her excitement reminds me of the first game the girls attended together, a pre-season game last year. Prima had been once before that, so she prepped Seconda and Terza to expect certain things. Terza emphatically requested I tell her when the "fire and glitter" were starting. She didn't want to miss one bit of it. "Fire and glitter?" I wondered. Oh. This fire and glitter:

Out of my reverie, I realize that Terza is now an old football soul, no longer easily impressed by fire and glitter. What she really wants is to see Torrey Smith on the field. We wait through the Falcons' first possession, the Ravens' three-and-out, and the Falcons' second possession. During the punt, Terza needs a potty break. This is when we miss the best Ravens' play of the game - Flacco's pass to Smith and Torrey's amazing run to the end zone. (Or, so I heard.)

Still, things from this corner look pretty good. Caw!

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