Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What if the Choir Did the Preaching?

If you read this blog, you probably have a Facebook account. You may even be on Twitter, or have your own blog, or all of the above. So, you've probably noticed a lot of political speech over there in those social media places of yours. You might have engaged in a bit of it yourself and, you may have felt once or twice that you or your friends were preaching to the choir.

What if the choir did the preaching?

What if for every political status update we put on Facebook or Twitter we write an email to a Congressman, local legislator, mayor or governor?

Of course, you might want to dress up your message in some business attire versus the Casual Friday garb it sports on social media, but then again...you might not.

You might want to just copy and paste that rant. You might want them to see this video, this article, or this blog post.

You might want to just tell them your story.

So, seriously...what if?

We are paying attention. We are expressing our political minds and opinions to each other, which is good and important, but there's more.

There's an obvious disconnect between We the People and Them the Leaders. There doesn't seem to be many incentives for Them the Leaders to come out here to where We the People are living. This seems especially true for Them Who Lead From Washington.

So, Choir, what if the next time you read something political, something about what's happening in our towns, counties, states, and world, something that makes you feel or think about it in some way, you sing that something to Them the Leaders?

What if the choir did the preaching?

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