Saturday, February 2, 2013

Taking Indoor Snow Outside Is Apparently Not Much Fun

I made indoor snow, and I took it outside.

Confused? Ok, look here at what Modern Parents, Messy Kids did. I found it through Pinterest and I couldn't resist. I mean, how cute and easy is that? How much fun the kids will have!

A fair warning from my friend who also tried it suggested it was messier than it looked. I thought about making a batch of snow and letting the kids have at it in the bathroom, but then I wised up and took it outside. 

Mermaid Dora's first snow!

The girls were so excited! They had so much fun, too, for four minutes. Thanks, Mama, but now what?

Four minutes! What a letdown. I had barely started blogging my love of Pinterest and its treasure trove of fun winter activities when they came inside. It took me longer to make the darn snow than they took to play with it. All signs suggested this was not a day for playing. Not even the snow-dough I made last week would satisfy them.

Peppermint-scented glittery playdough has lost its appeal?

I turned to my last hope to get any quiet at all today (which I feel almost parched for, just some quiet) - movies. Thank you, American Girl, thank you.

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