Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How Pinterest Helped Me Become A Better* Mother

Ever since my teen years, I have been a magazine ripper. I don't know if that's the official, technical term for my -ahem- hereditary condition, but it basically means that if I see something I like in a magazine, I'll rip out that page and keep it, you know, so I can remember it**. So I can buy it or make it or go there or do it or whatever. But that "whatever" is supposed to lead to action.

You may have already guessed how my magazine ripping story ends. Inaction. Piles of papers. Periodic purging of paper piles. Mailbox avoidance. Boredom. Moments of weakness in the check-out aisle. Magazine ripping. Such a vicious cycle.

Then came Pinterest to save me from my destructive, counter-productive habits. I could virtually rip out those magazine pages, store them forever, and have them take no space in my home! Fabulous!

I have gotten so much stuff done thanks to Pinterest.

Remember this Christmas Countdown chart I made a couple of years ago - Pinterest.


I found Terza's Halloween costume, decoration ideas for Prima's birthday party, a license plate game printable for our road trip to Cape Cod, and an awesome recipe for baked oatmeal that we all absolutely love.

Recently, I've been searching for learning activities to do with the girls at home. Drill-style practice of sight words or math facts has never been my thing. Maybe that's because it was called "drill and kill" by my college professors who were all big on constructivism and inquiry-based learning. Anyway, I've always done more of the thematic unit thing with the kids (read books, go places, make stuff, experiment, and reenact events related to a specific topic), but we all need to memorize some stuff to be fluent readers and mathematicians. Last week I made up a Sight Word Kit for Terza based of this one:

Sight Word Kit
Then, because Terza is does NOT want to do anything with me that feels like school, I bought a game of Twister and made this (and if this becomes a center activity at school, I'm doomed):
Sight Word Twister - Brilliant!

There are some majorly creative teachers and parents out there, and I'm so glad they're on Pinterest. They're making me a better* mother.

*Just so you know, better does not mean tidier, sadly, despite the plethora of organization pins on that site. Goodness, me!

**Oh, and I just have to tell you, there is actually a pin out describing a neat and tidy way to manage your paper magazine rippings. It's brilliant, way better than binders and plastic sleeves, and it cracks me up at the same time. I adore it. 

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