Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sugar Sugar

I'm so excited y'all. I got a full night's sleep last night, the first in several days. I feel back on East Coast time, and I can string sentences together again. Just had to share.

This morning, as I walked the 1.5 miles between my husband's office and our home, I thought about sugar. Specifically, I thought about the 10 tons of "sugar" dumped on the grounds of a local middle school yesterday, along with the County Executive's announcement that the sale of soda and other high-sugar drinks would be banned from county properties and events. 

If the County Executive wants ban sodas from vending machines on County property, good on him. If the people of Howard County don't like it, we can easily undo it by electing a soda-friendly person to office next time. This is not a big deal. 

A big deal would be helping us break our dependence on cars. What about constructing environments that make walking or biking preferable to traveling seated in a rolling metal box? Procurement decisions are good, legislation restricting children from tanning beds and smoking from county parks are good, and little things can add up to a lot of good. I appreciate Ken Ulman's efforts to improve our individual and collective lives. But, what if he got really bold, and did some really big, hard to undo things for the collective good? This is what I thought of as I walked the easily walkable 1.5 miles between my husband's office and our home.

Now that I think about it, it's not the County Executive who needs to do it, although he plays a part. It's the Zoning Board (aka County Council). 


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