Thursday, December 20, 2012

Minimalist Christmas

I didn't really mean to, it just kind of happened. We're having a somewhat-minimalist holiday season.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, a holiday that stretched for four days this year. Lots of food, family, friends, and fun. Wonderful.

I like to savor Thanksgiving. I don't like to rush into Christmas, so I don't decorate until December. Well, we left for Beijing on December 1st, so I put off the decorating until we got back.

But when we got back, jet lag and illness set in. Thankfully, anxiety about getting it all done did not. Another weekend passed and we didn't get a tree. Instead, we played.

Oh, sure, the kids asked about getting a tree, or at least getting the plastic one from the basement. That didn't feel right to me, though. I looked at the calendar and saw December 22nd as the best day to get a tree. I have never put up a tree so late in my life. I think I like it, though.

This pre-Christmas season has been both shorter (thanks to the week in China) and simpler. Kind of blissful. Last year, we observed the holiday season each day from December 1-25th. That was fun, and meaningful, but I as walked to the bus stop yesterday afternoon to get the girls, I realized how much calmer they've been this season. It brought a smile to my face, because I've been calmer, too.

Then they got off the bus like sugar-crazed little monkeys performing a song-and-tap dance number.

That's okay, they deserve the wildness, and I can still have my peace.

May you and yours have peace always and all ways.

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