Friday, November 16, 2012

A Few Things

The school redistricting plan has passed. Dr. Foose never wants to go through what happened this year again. Let's see where she leads us.

If you want to read about the Board's discussion and vote, I suggest you read SJLESDad's post and this Explore Howard article. I didn't go to the meeting, nor did I watch from home. I went out to dinner with my family, then snuggled and watched Revolution with The Man of the House. It was lovely.

Speaking of that dinner, a generous and kind woman anonymously paid for our dinner. I can barely type that without my eyes tearing up. This has happened to us before, but it still took my breath away. I am so grateful for such kindness.

The girls brought home good report cards. Prima was challenged in math this quarter. Problem solving is hard, and it's hard for this kid who is used to figuring answers quickly. The struggle is good for her, and I am grateful she is going - and growing - through it. Everything is going well with Seconda and Terza, too. 

Speaking of Terza, her heart is fine. Remember the heart trouble I told you about in August? We just had Terza's appointment about two weeks ago. Yeah, she's totally fine and healthy. Thank goodness.'s Friday. Have a good one!


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