Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My husband is The Man. He got that name by being the only one (adult male) in this household. I've been told to get The Man a dog because, poor him, he has three daughters. The Man doesn't like dogs, which is good, because I don't like dog hair, dog poop, and dog drool. Plus, I've got my hands full with kid hair, kid poop, and kid drool. Well, not so much the drool anymore, but still, no dog.

My children are Prima, Seconda, and Terza. Why? Because they were born in that order (first, second, third) and it sounds nicer in Italian. I may be biased because my heritage is Italian. I always loved how, in the movie Big Night, the brothers were named Primo and Secondo. Which reminds me...I adore Stanley Tucci. 

I am Lisa B, Mrs. S. You might already know me "in real life". I owe the Lisa B nickname to my brother-in-law, and I'm not sure anymore what the B stands for. I hope it's complimentary. Mrs. S. is what my students called me because I have one of those last names that elementary school teachers don't even try to get their students to pronounce. It's not that the kids couldn't say it correctly, it's that it's so cool to have a teacher allow you to address them by a nickname. 

I've been a die-hard blog reader since 2003. I started with the pioneers of mommy-blogging, then found some crafty blogs. My current blog rotation includes local blogs, too. This blog will, hopefully, be all of those and more. I've been receiving amusement and information from this community called The Blogosphere for seven years, it's time I gave back. ;-)

Enjoy, and drop me a note to say "hi". I'd love to hear from you.